Rick Hanks

Rick Hanks, KPI President, Kinmundy native, 64, married, two children, four grand children, forty year career in business management. My goal is to manage the Village to fiscally allow the cabins to be maintained and to operate as a historical education site for current and future generations on the lifestyle of our pioneers. To promote the Village, the City of Kinmundy and the surrounding area. 


Tony Wimberly

My name is Tony Wimberly, Vice President of KPI. I am 55 years old and spent my earlier years in Kinmundy. I moved back to Kinmundy 29 years ago when I married my wife Barbara. Together, we have two sons, Jared and Caleb. Our family is very involved with preserving the history of the cabins as well as our ancestors for future generations.


Teresa Hanks

Teresa Hanks, Treasurer of KPI. I am a 6th generation Marion County resident with over 40 years of Business Communication, Marketing and Tourism experience.  My vision for the Log Cabin Village is to see the village grow and prosper becoming a major tourist attraction in the Marion County area.  I believe the heart of our organization our 3 V’s; Volunteers, Vendors and Visitors, under the leadership and experience of the board will allow the Village to thrive for future generations.


Nancy Hanna

Hi, I'm Nancy Hanna, KPI Secretary, 72, widowed, and not a native of Kinmundy but have lived here for 30 years. I am a charter member of the Kinmundy Historical Society. My husband was born and raised here. His younger brother was one of the high schoolers that helped move the cabins to the Village in the 50's & 60's. I have volunteered at the Village for over 10 years. Demonstrating, telling and showing the visitors how physically hard pioneers had to work just to survive is one of my favorite things to do at the Village.


Jeremy Mette

Hello, I’m Jeremy Mette. I have a wife Sarah and 5 year old twins, Tucker & McKenna. I take care of our IT/web page and social media accounts. Residing near the Kinmundy area for the last 12 years, the Village has become a big part of my family. What I enjoy the most is watching all the people get so much enjoyment visiting the 19th century cabins. My goal is make the Village known to as many people as possible, so they can experience the joy that everyone gets while visiting Kinmundy Log Cabin Village.


Julie Green

Julie Green, born and raised and still living in rural Kinmundy. I am married and have three children and four grandchildren. The roots of my family tree grow very deep in this area. Our family has been participating in Living History for over thirty years. The Kinmundy Log Cabin Village plays an important roll in perpetuating the areas heritage. I enjoy helping preserve the integrity of the cabins for future generations to enjoy.


Jane Middleton

Jane Middleton, 61, born and raised in Kinmundy, IL and am currently the Mayor. The Village is an integral part of Kinmundy. It was the dream of one woman to preserve not only the history of early pioneers, but our local pioneers. Many family's are represented by each cabin and are an essential part of our local history.


Cory Parker

Hello, my name is Cory Parker. I have a wife Niki and two sons. I grew up coming to the Village every year with my parents and loved the history surrounding the Village. When the opportunity arose, i jumped at the chance to be a part of it. I want to see the Village grow and prosper for our younger generation to enjoy.


Ronnie Potter

Hey, I'm Ron Potter. I have been in Kinmundy most of my life. I have been with KPI for a few years and I work for the city of Kinmundy. The Log Cabin Village is a big part of our small town. It is always wonderful to see families and friends at the village each year. I want it to continue growing every year.